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Custom SEO Services in Coventry

On-page SEO

I perform on-page SEO to make sure readers and search engines love your site. From keyword research to keyword optimisation, I've got you covered.

SEO Content Writing

I write content that pulls in your dream client and ranks well. Blogs, landing pages, product descriptions, you name it – I make it shine.

Technical SEO

I dig deep into the technical elements to ensure your site runs like a dream. I fix the technical issues pulling your site back.

Local SEO

I design custom strategies that help you rule the local market. From Google Business to local directories, I have the map to success.

Problems I solve💡

Lack of local presence

So, you’re finding it challenging to stand out in your local market. Competing against larger rivals while building a local presence can be daunting.

From managing your Google Business profile to penning copy for your landing pages, I’ll help you tap into your local target audience in Coventry.

Ranking for the right keywords is a headache

You’re struggling to secure top positions on search engine results pages for the keywords that matter most. I understand the frustration. 

Whether you want to target top of funnel keywords that grab the most traffic or bottom of funnel keywords that attract buying customers, we’ll work together to perfect your keyword strategy.

We’re struggling to convert visitors into leads and customers

Ah, it’s the age-old dilemma. Your website is failing to turn visitors into valuable leads and customers.

Traffic doesn’t matter much if it doesn’t lead to business results.

And that’s why I also work hard to push your conversions up along with your traffic.


The Process

With you every step of the way
A closer look into my SEO process
Website audit

Once you request a report, the ball is in my court.

I'll dive deep into your website and run an SEO audit to identify strengths, weaknesses, areas for improvement, and threats.

We'll go through this report in our first meeting.


Next, we'll jump on a Zoom call where I introduce myself.

I'll break down the report and gather more intel about your business goals, target audience, current SEO efforts, and challenges.

This is the part where I translate your objectives into a concrete SEO campaign plan.

SEO Proposal

Based on our consultation, I'll draft up an SEO proposal that sums up the services I'll provide, timelines, deliverables, and pricing.

Once we're both happy, we formalise the agreement, shake hands and I get to work.


This is where the work begins.

Armed with fresh insights, I'll roll up my sleeves and start working on your personalised SEO campaign.

Whether we need to fix some nasty broken links or produce more SEO content for your blog, I'll handle all the SEO optimisations.

And I'll keep you updated on the progress.

Local SEO
done right

I’ve managed SEO campaigns for many Coventry businesses, from award-winning manufacturers to one of the city’s leading care agencies.

Straightforward reporting

I deliver weekly progress reports straight to your inbox. They're written in plain English, and each one takes 3 minutes to read.

Conversion tracking

I track and report on conversions, so you can see how your traffic and keyword rankings translate to business results.

On-going improvement

Like a gardener tending to a prized bonsai, I keep a close eye on your website's growth, tweaking the strategy for maximum impact.


ask me

Of course.

Local SEO is one of my key services (especially for smaller businesses that rely on local markets).

I can draft up a local SEO strategy that helps your website appear in local listings, map results, and relevant search queries from potential customers in the area.

Yes, I do.

I offer ongoing maintenance to ensure your website maintains its rankings in search results.

This includes monitoring performance, making necessary adjustments, and staying up-to-date with Google algorithm changes to keep your website optimised.

Work with me

Send me a message and I’ll get back to you shortly.

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