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The B2B content writing dilemma💡

Your ideal prospects are informed buyers who already want the product functionality or service you provide.

But most B2B companies ignore this when they do marketing.

They produce content for “top of funnel” topics. Topics that aren’t directly related to the product or service they sell.

They write beginner level content for advanced B2B audiences.

If you want to reach out to your ideal customers, skip the small talk and don’t oversimplify your messaging.

Write specific, bottom of funnel content that hits right at the heart of your customers problems.

I’ve been writing B2B copy for over 4 years, working with a wide range of B2B brands from multinational CNC machines and copper pipe suppliers to CNC work holding manufacturers.

In my B2B content marketing process, I get to the bottom of these questions:

Who are your ideal customers? (verticals, sizes, job titles, etc.)

What pain points do they want to solve?

How does your product/service solve those pain points better than the competitors?

What competing tools or processes have they tried before?

How I can help

You created a great product that solves a problem.

Now you need to let prospects know why they should choose your product over the competition.

Aggee Writes is a one man SEO business. It’s designed for folks like you who are struggling to attract leads through content.

Building a quality product or service from the ground up is one thing.

Turning leads into customers is another.

I write specific content that sells the value of your brand by digging through the complex features that make your product or service the best.

1. High-converting, bottom of funnel topics

Say goodbye to vague, filler content. I write specific, targeted content that speaks to customers who are ready to buy.

For example (for a project management software):

  • Comparison posts like Asana vs. Trello
  • Alternative posts like Asana Alternatives
  • Product list posts like Best Project Management Software

You can find out more about my SEO content writing process in this guide.

2. Expert-driven content

I tap into your team’s expertise, interviewing multiple customer-facing employees (typically founders, product team, sales team, etc.).

I look into the pain points you solve, study your competitors, review your unique selling points, until your product becomes second nature to me.

Not a single word is written until I’m as fluent in your product as you are (or at least very close).

3. Conversion tracking

Whether you want more free trial sign-ups, an increase in demo requests or more paid subscriptions, I keep a close eye on your conversion goals.

So you can rest assured that every step of your content marketing process is powered by real results.

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